While deploying argo-cd from helm chart you can create credential template(git uri, ssh key) in values.yaml under section.

Then helm chart creates secret for this credentials in k8s. It is good, but we have…

I am working on terraform modules in private git repos. I use my default ssh key( on macOS for my own personal git repos.

GitHub does not allow using same key for other git account. I created another ssh key pair and uploaded to GitHub. But or still uses default key pair. Running ssh-agent and adding my new key to ssh agent with ssh-add did not help.


Use env variable.
Create new ssh key, Add new public key to Github and set


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MongoDB Atlas documentation recommends using the following mongodump command with URI syntax to dump a database. But it does not work well with as reported at https://github.com/golang/go/issues/37362

Source: https://kreuzwerker.de/post/aws-multi-account-setups-reloaded

In this article, I will explain what needs to be done to implement multi aws accounts with AWS CLI step by step. I am planning to create story series for AWS Multi-Account deployment.

AWS Accounts

We will create the following child accounts under an AWS Organization.


  • Create…

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